Our gift to you

 We will give you an entire year of Owner membership if you post a house sit listing within the first 14 days of joining (for any dates in the future, yes, even into 2021!)

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TERMS: If you don’t post a sit within the 14 days of your membership activation we will simply decactivate your account and you can re-join with the same account at a future point if you desire.

You save $$!

Sitters on our site don’t charge. It is simply stated an ‘exchange of benefits’ between both parties. 

Your home is secure!

With our annual membership you can get a trusted housesitter, as often as needed, and have your home securely occupied. 

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Pets are happier in their own home. Why up-root their schedules and environment when they can stay home, comfortable and cared for by trusted house sitters.

Let's recap the benefits of membership

Save money, our sitters don’t charge

Edit/hide/reuse your listing in 1 click

1000 word profile to attract applicants

Upload up to 8 photos

Sitters apply to your listing and you remain anonymous until you choose to reveal your identity

Search our database of sitters

Contact house sitters directly via internal messaging system

Hands on customer service

House sitting templates & guides

Your pet gets to stay safe and happy at home with a trusted and caring sitter

The pets are the winners

Ask any vet and they will tell you that pets experience less stress and anxiety when they can stay in their own home. Sending your fur kids off to a kennel, or even someone else’s home, is not only the expensive route but the least desirable for your pets well being. Our sitters sit for free, as a mutual exchange of benefits, and the pets come out the winners every time.

House sitting is the sharing economy at its finest!

House sitting is the facilitating of relationships based on trust and confidence.

House sitting is a money saving avenue for both parties.

House sitting helps pets stay happy and relaxed.