COVID-19 – Travel to Hawaii currently requires a 14 day strict and mandatory quarantine. For house sitters arriving you will be required to stay at the home and your sit on arrival must be a min. of 14 days. You can find more info from the Gov’t offices  here

Travel with peace of mind

We have a global community of trusted and loving sitters who offer in-home pet care in exchange for free accommodations.

Owners Win!

Your home is safe and secure while you’re away and if you have pets their routine stays uninterrupted. Relax and breathe easy while you travel.

Sitters Win!

Stay in paradise for free while looking after the most treasured possessions of those who live in Hawaii. 

Pets Win!

Pets are happier in their own home. Why up-root their schedules and environment when they can stay home, comfortable and cared for by trusted house sitters.

Are you a home owner or renter in Hawaii? 

Those four walls you call home contain your most treasured possessions, why leave them unattended? With our annual membership you can get a trusted housesitter, as often as needed, and have your home securely occupied and your pets happy to be home.

Hawaii house sitter on beach

Want to house and pet sit?

The funnest way to experience Hawaii’s Aloha spirit. You’ll be rewarded with the magic and beauty of the islands, while being entrusted with the care of the property and pets when the owner is away. We’ve built membership options to suit your travel needs.

The pets are the winners

Ask any vet and they will tell you that pets experience less stress and anxiety when they can stay in their own home. Sending your fur kids off to a kennel, or even someone else’s home, is not only the expensive route but the least desirable for your pets well being. Our sitters sit for free, as a mutual exchange of benefits, and the pets come out the winners every time.

House sitting is the sharing economy at its finest!

House sitting is the facilitating of relationships based on trust and confidence.

House sitting is a money saving avenue for both parties.

House sitting helps pets stay happy and relaxed.


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about becoming a member.

Why do people sit for free?

You might be wondering, why people would choose to house sit for free. The truth is everyone has their own reasons, but a popular theme is – they love animals and the unique travel experiences that house and pet sitting provides them.

Because they aren’t motivated by money, and sincerely appreciate the trust you have placed in them,  you can find a sitter whose number one priority is to care for your home and pets.

Why shuold I choose HouseSit Hawaii over a larger global oriented website?

All of our registered house sitters want to house sit SPECIFICALLY in Hawaii and some of them already are on the islands. With larger, broader based sites, their members may be applying to every open listing, and then basing their travel plans on which sits they land, which increases the chances they apply to your listing and then rescind their offer.

Can I use a house sitter if I AirBnB?

Yes. We do allow AirBnB and rental units but if the sitter is to be involved  (you don’t have a dedicated person for that already in place) then the house sitter MUST be paid for their work. The responsibilities must be clearly stated in your listing and that payment is provided.

We do not allow anyone to share the living space with the sitter, so any AirBnB accommodations must be completely separate.

Who pays for travel to a sit?

With HouseSit Hawaii, you stay in Hawaii for free – you just need to get yourself there! That means it’s your responsibility to take care of your own travel expenses to get to and from a sit. Although often the owner will pick you up from the airport, definitely ask!

What is expected of the sitter?

A house sitter is expected to step in to the owner’s shoes when fulfilling a sit, which means maintaining the owner’s home and the pet care routines that are already established in exchange for free accommodations.

Things like handling the day to day running of the home, collecting mail, putting out the trash, plant watering and organizing any home care services you already have in place. Expectations should be included in the sit listing and agreed upon before the sit is confirmed.

At HouseSit Hawaii we believe that sitting is a mutual exchange of benefits between owners and sitters and is not considered a form of employment and should not be treated as such.

Does every house sit have pets?

Not always, some owners may simply want the security of having the home being occupied and maintained while they’re away. But more often than not, pets are involved. Allowing the pets to stay home, in their comfortable environment and routines,  is often the main motive when looking for a house sitter.

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